DJ Premier: “I did that for Busta Rhymes, but he didn’t use it. Bun just happened to call on the humble. He told me to send the beat his way and wanted to see if he could fuck with it. And he did. The other night, I got called in to cover for the Slaughterhouse show. Then Bun gives me a call saying he’ll be there too. So he goes, ‘You want to do it?’ [Smiles.] That was just last minute. We had fun doing that. I’m from Houston, he’s from Port Author, and [Pimp C and Bun B] moved to Houston. We just knew mutual people from Rap-A-Lot and all that stuff. They’re just official, man. The line Pimp C had in that joint is actually a drop he gave me for my radio show. Being that he lost Pimp, and I lost Guru, it’s dope that we’re doing a record dedicated to Guru, but Pimp C is spiritually co-signing. He goes, ‘I’m fucking with Primo. It’s going down, baby.’ That’s dope, man.”