DJ Premier: “They were just thugged out, man. They were just on some other shit. He had a billion people in here going in and out, constantly. I’m trying to get a certain reaction, and it took like three days to finally get one from them. I’ll just keep making beats. I’ll scrap it, or put it on a disk, and come back to it later. Over and over, and on the third day they were like, ‘Yo, that’s it.’ Capone sat in one corner, and N.O.R.E. sat in another corner, and they started writing. They’re just like how they are in their records. They drink a lot of liquor, smoke a lot of cigarettes, puff a lot of weed—just everything. It was a thugged out session. You know, but I could relate to thugs. I understand their mentality and their world. I’m at home in either circumstance. A non-thug one or a thug one, it doesn’t matter. I speak more than one language. I speak nigga, Ebonics, and English. And I know how to approach the beat for N.O.R.E. versus Mos versus Lady of Rage versus Snoop.”