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Yesterday on Twitter, #Mixxie became a trending topic, but plenty of people wondered, "WTF is Mixxie?" Although Bun B tweeted an inspired answer (and Royce Da 5'9 had a field day with it) the simplest explanation for why the word started trending is the video above. Two MySpace WorldStarHipHop rappers named Money Maine and Piffy Da Don made a song called "Mixxie" where they dubbed the kind of things Black Rob would call "Whoa!" as "Mixxie." The song is whatever, but the video is something special. Shot in what must be Piffy or Money's bedroom (shouts to the basketball hoop on the door), the video features the two young MCs trying to get their Dame Dash on by pouring liquor all over their own carpet like idiots. Not only is this truly inspirational ignorance, this shit is Mixxie! #Swag, meet your competition. [Pours liquor all over laptop.]

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