Last night, the Internet went ham after pics of Gucci Mane's new face tattoo hit the web. Gucci's previous face tattoo was standard fare for a stone cold gangsta rapper: Tattoo tears. However, his new tattoo is more becoming of a Cold Stone's gangsta: A triple scoop ice cream cone with "BURRR" written on it that shoots electricity. Which makes perfect sense to us since ice cream always shoots electricity (why do you think Baskin-Robbins employees wear those gloves?). For a second we though to ourselves, "We should get one of those!" "This is the worst tattoo a rapper ever got." But then we remembered our old friend Game once got a freakin' butterfly tattoo, which he then tried to cover up by writing LA over it and then coloring it in. Getting tattoos of childish things is pretty corny, but to be fair, Gucci is totally crazy. And on the other hand, Game is umm...also totally crazy? Either way, both tattoos are fails in their own right. But the question remains: Which face tattoo is worse? Let us know in the poll below.

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