Year: 2004
Produced By: Rick Rock
Album: The Federation
Label: Virgin
The Federation "Hyphy"

The Federation f/ E-40 "Hyphy (Remix)"

While "Super Hyphy" might be the track that launched Hyphy music on to a larger-than-regional stage, The Federation—from Fairfield, which is just barely part of the Bay Area—kicked things off a few years earlier over this scat-inflected Rick Rock beat. The beat, in fact, was supposed to go to Mistah FAB, leading to a minor intra-Bay beef between Fabby and the Federation that no one ever really cared about. The remix to the song with Turf Talk, San Quinn, and Keak da Sneak got countless spins on Bay Area radio, ushering in a new era where local artists actually got airtime on KMEL and KYLD. This, like the FAB/Fed beef, would be short-lived.