Year: 1993
Produced By: T.C.
Album: Back in the Days
Label: In-A-Minute Records

Another posse cut, this time on the nicer side of the Bay, San Francisco. The Ill Mannered Posse (Cougnut and C-Fresh), out of SF's Lakeview neighborhood, released two of the most slept-on early '90s gangsta rap albums of all time, 1993's Back in the Days and 1995's Ill Mannered Players. This ode to the City by the Bay includes fellow Lakeview residents Cellski and Chuey, as well as Filmore's Dre Dog. You might think it doesn't include any rappers from Sunnydale because of the long-standing beef between Lakeview and the Swampy D, but it's actually because there are no good rappers from Sunnydale. Sorry.