Year: 1995
Produced By: Mike Mosley, Sam Bostic
Album: In a Major Way
Label: Jive/Sic-Wid-It

Virtually every classic Bay Area rap album has a superb posse cut; there are few lone wolfs in the Bay. On In a Major Way, 40 Water invited East Bay legends Mac Mall, Spice 1, and 2Pac to help him tell a sinister tale of revenge, cold-hearted bitches, and slu-uh-slu-uh-slugs. While Tupac came up in the Bay Area, between Marin City (as in, Marin County) and Oakland, he spent so much of his career in Los Angeles that it's easy to forget he was a Bay Area dude. In fact, if you watch the video version, Tupac's verse is replaced by one from Celly Cel, presumably because Pac was locked up at the time. Goes to show, you don't know what you got 'til it's gone.