Year: 1996
Produced By: Studio Ton
Album: The Hemp Museum
Label: Jive

E-40 is one of rap's best nepotists. His group, The Click, was composed of 40, his sister Suga-T, his brother D-Shot, and his cousin B-Legit. He would later go on to sign his nephew Turf Talk, and his son, Droop-E. However, contrary to conventional wisdom, 40's mix of business with family would prove quite fruitful; everyone in his family is really good at rap, especially B-Legit. B-Legit the Savage was better known for his hard-hitting Mobb music raps, but this radio-friendly number with vocals from Sic-Wid-It's in-house R&B vocalist, Levitti, is enough to tame the savage in all of us. Break out the Carlo Rossi Rhine—never the Chablis!—and the bubble bath for this one.

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