Year: 2006
Produced By: Lil Jon
Album: Blow the Whistle
Label: Jive

Okay, Lil Jon is capable of making a good hyphy beat. He managed to make a gray-whiskered Too $hort sound pretty damn young on this track, even as he runs down his extensive resume, and takes credit for making the word "bitch" popular—ask Dave Chapelle. This beat would become even more popular a couple years later, due to its use of a referee's whistle, when Jay-Z dissed Deshawn Stevenson over it, in retaliation for Deshawn's disparaging comments about LeBron James. Not that Hov was the first to engage in an inter-disciplinary beef with an athlete; that would be E-40, who decimated Rasheed Wallace on 1996's "Record Haters."