Year: 1992
Produced By: Spice 1
Album: Spice 1
Label: Jive

This song features one of the most famous opening couplets in Bay Area rap history. Also, it is perhaps the earliest instance of a crime story told with brand names as stand-ins for actual names; many other rappers would go on to imitate this type of story-telling technique, but none ever did it as well as Spice 1, who followed this alcohol crime story up with "187 Pure," which recounts the misadventures of Indo Weed, Dank, and a man named Coke who carries a cane. For "187 Proof," Spice's story-telling was visualized with the single best stop-motion rap video ever made. If you have ever wanted to see booze bottles shoot at one another, or wondered what sort of creative issues you might run into attempting to depict a wino who is also a bottle of wine, it's really worth a watch.