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T-Pain's rEVOLVEr album is like 99.9% done but it just needs one more thing--the cliché Drake verse. Pain is blaming the hold up on his forthcoming album on Drake, who he says, still needs to submit a verse for T-Pain's next single.

“I know yall waitin on the album but the last thing I need is a verse from drake and the album is complete,” T-Pain told his anxious Twitter followers. “So find drake and tell him to hurry the hell up and finish the verse Hahahahaaaa.” said T-Pain late Sunday afternoon on Twitter. "By the way the song with drake on it is the next sigle as well so that's why I haven't dropped a new single yet. Jus lettin you know."

This is the same guy that got a Facebook "Like" tattoo. Nuff said.