Nicki Minaj's alter-ego Roman Zolanski met with Eminem Slim Shady on the album version of "Roman's Revenge" off the Young Money/Cash Money rapper's Pink Friday album and it was good. Then another remix popped up with Busta Rhymes which was also good. Earlier this week we were blessed with an unmixed version of "Roman's Revenge" equipped with a verse from none other than Lil Wayne. Tunechi's verse is charged with hashtag rap (of course): "I got money and the power/A woman in the shower/And she don't want nothing but my Johnson, Howard." Hilarious! It's funny listening to sober Wayne. Now we have the mixed version that you can get on iTunes. Ruh-ruh!

Nicki Minaj f/ Lil Wayne "Roman's Revenge"

[via 2dopeboyz]

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