Lil B: "'Wonton Soup' was really just sitting in the hotel, sitting there writing, and I'm like, 'God damn. This some fresh shit.' I was just finding myself, man. Getting my swag. The early days of me tapping into my Based God swag. 'Wonton Soup' represents for any guys that hop up out they car, they feel fly, they feel fresh, they drop that roof, wet like wonton soup. Then I park my car. I fuck your bitch, you fuck my bitch, you know what I mean. I'm talking to you directly. It's that empowerment for the guys to feel better about ourselves and keep going, being positive. That video was shot in L.A. at a very legendary director's crib. He doesn't want to be talked about, but he did the Rush Hour movies. Check that out and you'll know who it is."