Lil B: "That was a critical time for me. Sometimes I get in those moods where I'm down and stuff. I was just thinking, 'Fuck man.' Dealing with fake ass management. Fake ass shit. 'Cause in the music industry, everybody wanna leave you in the dark. Everybody wanna leave you in the dark about everything. Managers, contracts. And I'm like, 'What the fuck about taxes?' I'm 20 now. Well, now I'm 21, but I was around 20 then and I never know nothing about taxes and shit. And I'm mad that no one's teaching me about taxes but they're worried about saggy pants? What the fuck man. What THE FUCK man! What's wrong with America? What the fuck is up? You're tellin me I have to explain myself for a style that I'm wearing? People have the right to ask me why my pants are saggin'? Get the fuck away from me."