Lil B: "We were in the Atlanta livin' that life. Soulja Boy had that song in the studio already ready for me, man. He was like, 'B, hop on this shit.' I was listening and I was like, 'Damn, this shit go hella crazy.' 'Cause Soulja play his shit loud as fuck, so you already know. Soulja sees shit at a whole different level. So I'm like, 'Man, let's go in.' So we went in there. I freestyled my verse and niggas be sleepin' on Soulja Boy. That's why Soulja Boy real. Niggas don't know Soulja be freestyling on shit and going platinum. Really going gold on niggas and niggas is hatin', but it's like, if he write something down y'all niggas gonna go crazy. Niggas is freestyling, playin' with you. We shot the video in Atlanta, driving around and shit, and we went back to his house, edited the shit up and the next day put that out. Rockin'.

When I seen it on Kanye's blog I was like, 'Damn.' That was Kanye's blog. He wasn't on Twitter yet. Kanye's blog meant a lot. Everybody was on Kanye West University and the Kanye blog. I was on there lookin' at art pictures and architecture and shit. That was something real special to me and it told me I have a place. My vision and my directing and my editing. There's a place for it. I'm official. I'm in the game. Regardless of how everybody tries to shit on me like, 'You do things too fast' or 'It can't be right 'cause I spent 30 days on it and you did it in an hour' and 'You gotta go back and record your voice ten times 'cause if you did it that quick it can't be right' and that just showed me that it can be right."