Lil B: "That's when I first started goin nuts....That was when I just lost it and I started going nuts man. That transition was crazy. That was definitely a point right there. Very pivotal. Just looking at myself and seeing myself like, 'I'm doing this myself. I'm not giving a fuck. People may have forgotten about me and people are on some other shit but I'm 'bout to do me and I'm still gonna do what I gotta do to survive.' A motherfucker went straight to the club and then the girls seen me and then they're like, 'Let's get it in,' and I'm like, 'Fo' sho.' And that shit wasn't even supposed to happen really. 'Cause I had a video that I was supposed to shoot earlier and I was tryin' to get girls to come through and no girls came through and they all flaked on me and I was like, 'Fuck it, I'm goin' to the club.' And then mad girls were on me at the club and we just knocked it out."