Lil B: "Soulja Boy rapped over this for '2 Milli.' I definitely shot that over to him and I was just like, 'Man, I think this would be a good song.' This was when me and him first really started talking. I was at his house. At his spot chillin', man. His recording spot. We were out there in Atlanta and I was like, “Rap to this, man.” I wanted to see how he would do and let him have that one. Let him get on that. Like, I did justice already. Let him get to a Based light and feel that Based and he did his thing. I wrote 'I'm God' in a coffee shop and really had some stuff on my mind writing that. That was real emotion. That was all real, straight from the pen to the paper. That was a therapy process. It was the hunger. I just really wanted to see things change to that next level and see things excel and be in a better position. And it's crazy how things now have greatly changed from things last year and the year before."