Lil B: "These kinda songs are always funny to me 'cause of how far I've crossed over and converted to positive. But I got core fans that would be like, 'What the fuck happened to that kinda stuff?' Because there was that one point in time when I was straight thuggin' and rappin'. Then outta nowhere I just turned positive on everybody and just started making hella happy songs and hella positive shit, writing books and positive everything. And some niggas was trippin' out. Some of my supporters that liked my grimey hood shit were like, 'What the fuck what happened, man? We need some of that hood shit.' And I'm like, 'Aight man, I got you' and I pull that shit out. I mean, that's not something I care to do. I do it because I can and I do it to keep those supporters happy. I'm not proud of it but it's something that's a part of my past and I can talk about it truthfully, but I'm not embracing that. That's just something to keep the fans happy that wanted that, but to me, that song, I don't care about it a lot. It's a great song but the message behind it is not a part of me anymore, but I can't forget where I come from."

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