Lil B: "I didn't curse on the whole Rain In England. I didn't curse once and those are seven minute, ten minute songs. eight minute, nine minute songs of me straight rapping. That stuff was all written. That was from the heart. That took me a month to do. Straight month. Cafe writing every day. That was something that was blessed from God and I'll never be able to do that again. I made the beats. I composed the music. This song in particular is special to me 'cause I want everything. It's very emotional. That beat's emotional. That's how I feel. When I'm sitting at home and I'm like, 'Man, I want more,' and I wanna cry because of it. I have more than what the world understands. How can I be seen? I need people to see all this legendary material that I'm making and how prolific I am and how I feel with this music. Niggas can't doubt me 'cause I made Rain In England, bro. I got encouragement on that whole album. I didn't stick to the regular script of regular hip hop and I explained my feelings on there and I cried for the positives."