A few years back, director Choke No Joke blessed the Internet with one of the greatest rants ever when he unleashed footage of Dame Dash yelling at Def Jam employees for setting up meetings without his premission. The video was shot circa 2003, just before the fall of the Roc, and featured Dame's legendary taunt, "You don't know shit about my culture!" But if the video had any flaw, it was that it cut off too early when Dame was still obviously huffing and puffing and ready to blow the entire Def Jam building down. Today, WSHH has unearthed some new footage which features more of the same from Dame. Least we forget, this guy didn't just pour liquor on strippers' asses all day. He actually ran a record label. And when you're a boss, you just gotta crack some heads sometimes. [via WSHH]

Top 5 Quotes From Dame's Rant

#1. "[Kevin Liles] is a faggot. I be feeling like dropping him."

#2. "I ain't gotta listen to him...the nigga [is] a lawyer!"

#3. "Who wants to work under a coward? COWARDS! Ya cowards!"

#4. "Go back to your own fuckin' culture!"