Release date: Whenever he stops fighting with Def Jam
Likelihood of release: Not very likely
Producers: Unknown
Collaborations: Unknown
What we know: With The Lost Tapes, Nas may have been clearing out the vaults, but it’s still one of the most significant releases in his catalog. Mostly because it helped redeem him for his late-90s shortcomings by proving that he didn’t really fall off and he had quality records stashed away. After a rough 2010 where he fell into debt, had his marriage fall apart, and got into a feud with his label (which led to him penning the infamous letter to Def Jam), we’re hoping The Lost Tapes 2 can redeem Nas once again. Originally planned for a December 2010 release, it now looks like fans are going to get double for their money when they purchase his next solo project, as he hopes to include TLT2 as a bonus disc.

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