Release date: TBD
Likelihood of release: Cloudy with chance of meatballs *Does the cooking dance*
Producers: Soulja Boy, Young L
Collaborations: Unknown
What we know: We don't hide our appreciation for Lil B's unique approach to rap music over here. Whether it's his larger-than-life personality or hilariously vulgar songs, the Berkeley, California native has crafted a solid niche for himself via a tireless grassroots grind, but 2011 is the year his music will reach the masses. It's true that B just signed with Amalgam Digital, but he's only using that lane to release upcoming mixtapes (Angels Exodus, Glass Face) in a more official manner. The Based God is saving his true debut album for a major label release. The hooks, intrigue, and dare we say, swag heard on even his most underground records show serious pop potential, and call us crazy, but when a major is smart enough to sign him, we're willing to bet his LP delivers.

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