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Last week, the music video for Kanye West's "Monster" leaked online. Although the cut was clearly unfinished and kinda bootleg, it gave us a glimpse into the dark, twisted fantasies that can only occur in the mind of Kanye. The video features some graphic scenes with elements like cannibalism, decapitated heads, and Nicki Minaj's behind (not that we're complaining about the last part). The video has so much happening all at once we decided we'd help our readers out with a friendly guide to Kanye's video by counting up all the dead bodies, all the shots of Ye's amazing grill, and a few other things that will probably give you nightmares...

Approximate number of Monsters (not including Kanye, Jay, Ross, or Nicki): 25

Number of Rasta Monstas consumed during video: 0

Number of white girls: 20

Number of Nicki Minajs: 2

Number of times Nicki sticks her tongue out: 1

Number of quality Nicki Minaj backshots: 5

Number of people wearing fangs: 3

Number of women with Martin Van Buren beards: 1

Number of decapitated heads: 1

Number of severed limbs: 1

Number of cannibals: 2

Number of dead bodies: 10

Number of bodies hanging from the ceiling: 3

Number of shots which prominently feature high heels: 6

Number of shots which prominently feature Kanye's grill: 5

Time devoted to Kanye's grill: 10 seconds