Complex says: Before he was known as The Teacher, KRS-One (along with DJ Scott La Rock) helped create the blueprint for hardcore hip-hop with Criminal Minded. The artwork to the album alone featured KRS and Scott packing more heat than a little bit which was unheard of at the time. On "9mm Goes Bang" KRS tells a story of a jealous boyfriend named Peter who tried to test him and ended up on the losing end of his 9 millimeter pistol. It is important to note that KRS never brandishes his trusty 9mm without provocation, only in self-defense. In those subtle details he displays the foundation for the social cognizance that would lead to him later blossom into a conscious rapper. Despite this song, in real life, things didn’t go so smooth. When BDP member D-Nice went up to the Bronx to mess with someone else’s girl just like KRS did Peter, he was the one who ended up with a gun in his face. But D-Nice didn’t have a 9mm so he called up BDP after getting roughed up, BDP came though, and unfortunately the incident ultimately led to the untimely death of Scott La Rock.