After the teenybopper TRL era, everyone was weary of pop music, and that hangover lingered throughout the 2000s until the genre fully got its swagger back this year. Ke$ha and Rihanna bodied the charts, but Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" is 2010's de facto statement for pop's return to glory. The dream team of producers and writers consisting of Max Martin, Dr. Luke, and Benny Blanco laced Katy with another No. 1 hit, and we couldn't help but bump it on the reg like a pack of 16-year-old girls. There's no substitute for well-crafted melodies and spot-on production and that's why your boys would rather sing along to "Teenage Dream" then crack jokes on you for listening to it. After ubiquitous radio (and Complex office) play, we got sick of it, and there's not one classic pop record that we can't say the same for. That's a good sign for Mrs. Brand.