Album: No Mercy
Best line: "People ask me shit about Illuminati/First off, fuck that mean?!"
Complex says: Who would've guessed that the year's best commentary on T.I.'s and Lil Wayne's respective incarcerations wouldn't come from either rapper? No, we have Mr. West to thank for that: "Soon as Wayne get out, TIP go in...hold ya head, my nigga/The system is designed to make niggas fall, make niggas fail." Over the course of the rest of his minute-plus spaz, we get an awesome dismissal of Illuminati rumors ("Fuck that mean?!") and rap's coolest "backseat driving" reference, ever. And you thought that No Mercy was a total letdown.
Lyrics: "I would like to welcome you to the world of/Fake bitches no love, what the fuck you take me for/Show love, I hate haters in the club/You must not really know where I come from/Exactly where my heart or you would never never NEVER/UGH, where do I start? people ask me shit about Illuminati/First off, fuck that mean?/He loved Jesus when he he he was worse off/Oh I see, when they, think a nigga is, stupid rich/People just start coming up with stupid shit/Man shit I could never predict/Hold up, let me hit you with this/Rolling in a Bugatti with four chains that's some foolishness/Yea yea yea, that’ll be the shit/They’d rather see a nigga locked up, why? For stupid shit/Look how they did my nigga Tip/Soon as Wayne get out, Tip go in/Wonder why the nigga wanna make the clip go in/Wonder why it so hard wanna get going/Hold ya head my niggas the system is/Made to make niggas fall, made to make niggas fail/Especially if you ball/They don’t take niggas well/Nah, you cant come through flying in a Bentley shining/I’m in the back/Backseat driving screaming on a nigga like I’m actually driving."

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