Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Best line: "The day that you play me will be the same day MTV play videos."
Complex says: ’Ye is at his superlative finest here, stringing together measures of impromptu thoughts into a narrative that is both relative and poignant. We too would like for just one time the housekeeper be a bad chick. We would also like for the recession to magically go away like, “Ta-Da!” And we’d love to see MTV play some videos for once. But those things seem less than likely. And you know that shit is fuckin’ ridic'lous. *CyHi Da Prynce voice* *RZA voice*
Lyrics: “I’m so appalled/Spalding balled/Balled in and Donald Trump taking dollars from y'all/Baby your fired and your girlfriend hired/And if you don’t mind, I’ma keep you on call/We above the law, we don’t give a fuck by y’all/I got dogs that chew a fuckin’ hole through the wall/But since they all lovers/I need more rubbers/And if I don’t use rubbers, need more covers/House keeping, I mean goddamn one time let it be a bad bitch sweeping/That know we get O’s like Cheerios/They know because they seen us in the videos/That know, the day that you play me will be the same day MTV play videos/That was a little joke, Voila!/Praises due to the most high, Allah/Praises due to the most fly, Prada/Baby I'm magic, Tadah!/Address me as your highness/High as United, 30,000 feet up and you are not invited/Niggas be writin’ bullshit like they gotta work/Niggas is going through real shit, man they outta work/That’s why I never gawd damn dance track, gotta hurt/That’s why I rather spit something that gotta perch/Champagne wishes, 30 white bitches/I mean the shit is, fucking ridiculous/Fucking ridiculous, I mean the shit is, fucking ridiculous.”

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