Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Best line: "If we die in each others' arms, still get laid in the afterlife."
Complex says: The song that closes Kanye's classic fifth album sounds like a dark, but epic celebration, and there's hardly any rapping on it. However, the little bit of rapping that we get between Bon Iver's Auto-Tune and the record's tribal chants is more than enough. Kanye personally considers it some of his best writing ever, and we understand why. The dichotomy of each line of the verse's opening bars ("You're my lies, you're my truth/You're my war, you're my truce") represent the struggle that My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy embodies. By the time he's talking about breaking out of "fake-ass parties," it's clear that Kanye's rhymes on "Lost In The World" are just as effective as any of his more complex, long-winded ones.
Lyrics: “You’re my devil/You’re my angel/You’re my heaven/You’re my hell/You’re my now/You’re my forever/You’re my freedom/You’re my jail/You’re my lies/You’re my truth/You’re my war/You’re my truce/You’re my questions/You’re my proof/You’re my stress and your my masseuse/Mama-say mama-say ma-ma-coo-sah/Lost in this plastic life/Lets break out of this fake ass party/Turn this in to a classic night/If we die in each others arms, we still get laid in our afterlife/If we die in each others arms, we still get laid.”