Album: G.O.O.D. Fridays
Best line: "I got lines that's better than niggas' albums, plural/The king of the urban, make your shit sound rural."
Complex says: Don't be fooled by the title. From jump, Kanye goes heavy on the metaphors and likewise on the sin-rap. A far cry from his message on "Jesus Walks," Yeezy speaks to his potential jump-offs about why the other suitors just don't stack up. His brashness towards other rappers is also comical when he states, "Tell 'em, Plain Pat, 'yo that track sucks.'" Overall, it's Kanye’s confidence that we've become accustomed to that dominates the verse, and a splash of humor that holds it all together.
Lyrics: “Her heels set the mood/Where did you acquire? Those are liars/When I met you I heard Jesus bells, strings, and a choir/I got lines better than niggas albums, plural/King of the urban make your shit sound rural/She said I hit it so deep she need an epidural/Them other niggas have you looking like a squirrel/And that’s nuts/I only hang around with white boys that like black sluts/Tell’em Plain Pat, ‘Yo that track sucks!’/We ain’t dissin’ you between the position you play something for us to listen to/I’m tryin’ to worry about my scratch, minus the crabs/I ain’t stopping for you niggas like yellow cabs/I got scripts so why we need a movie?/And if I’m a douche, than put me in your coochie/I swear they should have never gave these niggas loose leaf/And excuse me if I’m trapped by the boobies/Booby trap, holla back.”

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