Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Best line: "Tell me what I gotta do to be that guy/Said her price go down if she ever fuck a black guy."
Complex says: We already look at enough porn stars on our Macbook screens, and after listening to "Hell Of A Life," we want to marry one. Even if that's unlikely in our "wildest dreams," Kanye paints an impressively vivid image of what it's like to share a holy union with a girl who gets paid to have sex. That includes the good and the bad, especially if it's an interracial relationship—but like Kanye after the introspection of the second verse, we're still down to wife up an adult actress.
Lyrics: “Never in your wildest dreams, never in your wildest dreams/In your wildest/You could hear the loudest screams, comin’ from inside the screen/You a wild bitch/Tell me what I gotta do to be that guy/Said her price go down, she ever fuck a black guy/Or do anal, or do a gangbang/It’s kinda crazy that’s all considered the same thing/Well I guess a lotta niggas do gang bang/And if we run trains, we all in the same gang/Runaway slaves all on a chain gang/Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.”

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