Album: G.O.O.D. Fridays
Best line: "Niggas was hating on the Internet, I couldn't tell/I was too busy rapping—good as hell."
Complex says: Three of the most eclectic artists in hip-hop, two of the best producers of all time, a nice sample, and four minutes of chorus-less rap. Sounds like a hip-hop fan's dream, right? Sort of. The truth is, with the amount of great product that Kanye was putting out during his G.O.O.D. Fridays series, "Don't Stop" sort of blended in with everything else. However, Kanye took time out to reunite with his CRS brethren and let one go strictly for the haters, ditching his normal laid-back flow for a more "Power"-esque energy. If you weren't feeling it, though, he probably couldn't tell, seeing as he was too busy rapping...good as hell.
Lyrics: “Yes, Mr. West turn that new child rebel/Loud as a badass child level/Who need a chorus we do it tyrannosaurus/Tyrone it’s been a year with no phone/Could you explain how high is your zone/We’ll take the plane rub his nose in cocaine/There’s hoes in magazines you lain saying you lame/And for the hating advance pull down your pants/Make’em kiss both cheeks like we living in France/Diamonds blue, his business manager’s Jewish/And if I get sued my lawyers Jews/Some girls do, grab the cohonas/Say you got enough diamonds to at least Sierra Leone us/Brand new Ferraris, I gotta make the donuts/CRS is like a hip-hop Christmas bonus/Niggas is hating on the Internet, I couldn’t tell/I was too busy rapping...good as hell/I was too busy flying, parasail!/Tell Collette to get the new shit that Paris sell/Tarantino, Da Vinci, gettin’ Benji’s, get half off of Fendi/Half of that’s to Cindy’s/Hoped out the spaceship, put my Mork in Mindy/Popped too many corks to let you dorks offend me/Props in New York but Chi-Town’s my city/Get my citys hoochies Gucci, Monica Bellucci’s/Are those the real millionaires, or the bendi’s/I'm so ultra I’m even over Oprah/But let me check your account, haha no sir.”

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