Album: F.A.M.E.
Best line: "Get your mind right baby or get your shit together/You gon' be hot a little while/I'ma be rich forever."
Complex says: An all-star cast of the game’s best rappers is exactly what was needed to forgive Chris Brown for the moment. Breezy’s well-timed ode to the post-gynecratic life catches Kanye with razors in his mouth calling out who we can only assume is Amber Rose. Yeah, he doesn’t say her name, but we all know who did you-know-what to you-know-who. Though ’Ye’s barbs get a bit vicious at times (peep the best line), at least her next dude will get some of the benefits. After all, Yeezy taught her.
Lyrics: "You know what, yo?/You a bitch/You should have a travel agent cuz you a trip/You should make your own toilet tissue since you the shit/But all you got is some ficking issues you ficking bitch/I hate niggas, but I love your mom/Give her a kiss for me, her second son/Get your mind right baby or get your shit together/You gon be hot a little while/I’mma be rich forever/Girl seducers, they come in deuces/When I cut em off they always become a nuisance/Niggas take my old flows and they take my old swag/He just took my old bitch and turn it to his new bitch/Haha. I’m stupid/But I won’t get my drama on/What I’m dealing with is too real for me to comment on/Jay finally got it through my head not to run my mouth/so when you talk bout 'you know who' I don’t know who you talkin’ bout."

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