Album: Pink Friday
Best line: "Nicki, what you think?/I got two White Russians but we also need some drinks."
Complex says: Since there was so much discussion over who came off the nicest on Kanye's Nicki Minaj-featuring "Monster," he probably wanted to make sure there was no contest on the Barbie's debut, and he succeeded. 'Ye dumbs out over the Breakfast Club sample. Highlights including turning a "B.M.F."-inspired line into something for the fashion set and asking Nicki to help him take down some white Russians—not the drinks.
Lyrics: "Ugh, yea, ugh this is the moment grab your Kodak/While I’m flying with a flow that is the greatest throwback since that Nolan Ryan/And the days been crazy and the nights even wilder/And the lights even brighter, baby stand next to my fire/Only higher is Messiah or notes from Mariah ‘rari six hundred horses, that’s my chariot of fire?/Where we flying, they can’t find us/All them broke days behind us/I just took your whole life and redesigned it/I think I’m Marc Jacobs, I think I’m Lagerfeld/I think without makeup, you still bad as hell/I'mma grab your waist then, I'mma grab your face and/Then I'mma taste it, then I'mma blaze it/Hello all my bad girls, this just in, Yeezy hurt the beat/Like he fucked her best friend and she let him back in/And he just did it again/He crazy, he blazing, he off the deep end/I’m blazing I’m flagrant, I’m crazy I’m saying/Too much for the world so they abbreviate him/His past is a phase, his stats is amaze/Her dress is just per’uhh/Prada colored babes/it obvi’ we the ishh and I’m rolling with my bricks/So real, you so trill/ Baby everything legit/How you feel? They say we crazed cause our styles so diff’/They'll be jailed when we in the mag looking magnif’/As if I ain’t used Magnums on your favorite bad bitch/Fuck these background niggas, I was tryna adlib/Add this, we blazin’/Nicki what you think? I got two White Russians but we also need some drinks."

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