Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Best line: "Something wrong, I hold my head/MJ gone, our nigga dead."
Complex says: Kanye is keen on presenting his music as art, and "All Of The Lights" drifts towards surrealism. After a minute of build-up with a beat that already sounds like parade music for extraterrestrials, 'Ye brings us into a new world where Michael Jackson has passed and he's left with the woes of domestic abuse and raising a daughter without full custody. It doesn't matter if neither us nor Kanye has lived the details of the first verse's eight bars, the type of emotion we can all connect to is there. It's a collective experience.
Lyrics: “Something wrong, I hold my head/MJ gone, our nigga dead/I slapped my girl, she call the feds/I did that time and spent that bread/I'm headed home, I'm almost there/I'm on my way, headed up the stairs/To my surprise, a nigga replacing me/I had to take 'em to that ghetto university.”

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