Album: N/A
Best line: "I feel like I’m bound to end up with somebody that’s been with everybody."
Complex says: If we had to make a case for the merits of emo-rap, we'd get around to this verse after 808s & Heartbreak and Kid Cudi's career. This is the type of vulnerability that makes it seem laughable that a song like LL Cool J's "I Need Love" was ever considered soft. Sometimes it feels like too much (getting worried about "being single forever"), but we can't front—it's real shit. Thankfully, all of the sap is balanced with a really respectable verse that we can still nod our heads to. This is just one of a few R&B songs Drake has written and lent a 16 to (Jamie Foxx's "Fall For Your Type" is making the rounds now), but "Un-Thinkable" stands above the pack.