Album: Thank Me Later
Best line: "Don’t be fooled by the money I’m still just young and unlucky."
Complex says: After more than a year of hype, Drake's debut LP showed up, and by the second track he was in full-on singing mode. Like with So Far Gone before, it was a decision that pleased some and upset others, but the rap verse that pops up a couple minutes into "Karaoke" satisfied everyone and let us know that Thank Me Later was a monster of its own. The subject is still one of his broken relationships, but the verse breaks things down in the type of literal terms that only rap can. Drizzy gets his Alanis Morissette on, rhyming about how ironic it is that "the girl [he] wants to marry is a wedding planner." He goes on to tell us how she moved to Atlanta with no friends, and possibly cheated (what other secrets are there to keep?). It's concise, intensely personal, and grandly re-introduces the themes that are the motif of Drake's music: fame, loneliness, and lost love.