Released: November 22 (Click Here To Buy It Now On MP3)
Best Song: "Roman's Revenge" f/ Eminem

The first relevant release by a female rapper in years, Pink Friday marked the first test of one of hip-hop's most polarizing rappers. Although Nicki grew her crossover appeal with "Your Love" and "Right Through Me" appearing on the Hot 100 (not to mention all of her guest spots), many still weren't convinced she could carry a whole album. So on Pink Friday she opted to reveal what's behind the wigs and bodysuits, giving us a closer look at Onika Maraj on standouts like "Fly," "Dear Old Nicki," and “I’m The Best.” The album was an extravagant coming-out party and although it was a bit short on lyrical bite, we’re willing to enjoy it for what it is.