Released: November 22 (Click Here To Buy It Now On MP3)
Best Song: "Runaway" f/ Pusha T

After the world came down on Kanye for the Taylor Swift debacle, he headed out to Hawaii and found purpose in concocting far and away the best album of the year—'and arguably of his career. So confident was ’Ye that the songs were top notch, little regard was given to the music industry's standard practice of Fort Knoxing any unreleased material until the album's release. Ye leaked an unheard-of 75% of MBDTF, including the two songs ("Monster" and "So Appalled") with Jay-Z verses, before it hit stores. Why hold back? Malcolm West had the whole nation standing attention while stunting like he was on a JumboTron with lyrics that were pompous, witty, insanely insightful, introspective, and hilarious. This wasn't an exercise in self-indulgence, though, it was about creating a masterpiece no matter what. If that meant coaxing the best out of lyrical terminators like Nicki Minaj and Pusha T by asking them to re-write verses multiple times, so be it. If that meant throwing a three-minute interlude at the end of "Runaway," that's what it was. If that meant putting Bon Iver on a song with Rick Ross, fuck it. Many of those who worked on the album spoke with reverence afterward about how MBDTF changed their lives. What a coincidence; us, too.

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