Released: May 3 (Click Here To Download It Now)
Best Song: "Hometown Hero"

K.R.I.T. Wuz Here features two different types of songs. On the one hand, there’s songs like “Viktorious,” “Just Touched Down,” and “Hometown Hero” where KRIT—who wears his Mississippi inferiority complex on his sleeve—is out to prove himself as a worthy lyricist. That he is, but where he really finds his voice (literally, he sings a number of excellent hooks) are the more emotionally charged songs like “They Got Us,” “Good Enough,” and “Something,” where he’s able to articulate feelings of hopelessness and despair that the average 23-year-old has no business being so thoughtful about. There’s no doubt K.R.I.T. has talent (did we mention he produced every song?), but he’s got something else his counterparts lack: soul.