Peter Bjorn and John's new album drops March 29: If you're a fan of PB&J—and we ain't talking the sandwich—then you'll be glad to know the band's good-time pop-rock album, which celebrates having fun and drinking, will hit stores on March 29, just in time for some spring drinking. Which, by the way, is far superior to spring cleaning. [LINK]

Watch Olivia Wilde in Daft Punk's video for "Derezzed": There's a number of reasons you should watch the video for "Derezzed," the first single from Daft Punk's Tron: Legacy soundtrack. For starters, it's a bangin' song, and the graphics are amazing. But there's only one real reason you should watch it: Olivia Wilde. Boo-ya. [LINK]

Beastie Boys' Mike D remixes Lykke Li, Matt & Kim: As a member of the seminal rap trio Beastie Boys, Mike D has had a hand in shaping a sizable chunk of popular hip-hop. Now, he extends his talents by remixing two relative up-and-comers: Lykke Li ("Get Some") and Matt & Kim ("Cameras"). Good looking out, Mr. Diamond. [LINK]

Heather Mills claims credit for The Beatles on iTunes: Oh Heather Mills, bless your heart! Thank you so much for finally, FINALLY bringing The Beatles to iTunes. We're so glad it was all your doing with Steve Jobs. We're even better more grateful you don't want to be paid for such a monumental accomplishment. Not only are you a great dancer, you're an amazing human being. We love you! #sarcasm [LINK]

Q-Tip explains beef with A Tribe Called Quest documentary: Like a pot roast, a good movie takes time to marinate and cook. And for the film about his group's life, A Tribe Called Quest's Q-Tip wants just that: more time before the film is released for editing. Sure, Michael Rapaport may be doing this out of his own pocket, and thus in a hurry, but if you release it too quickly, the film will be dry. Or is that what happens with pot roast? [LINK]

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