Produced by: Plain Pat
Plain Pat: “In the studio, especially in the Kanye sessions, I’ll just be sitting in the corner with my MPC and headphones on, and I’ll have tons of little things that I don’t ever play for anybody. I thought that shit was fresh, but when I did it, it was just some silly underground shit and Cudi was like, ‘Nah, I’m fuckin’ with that.’ As soon as he did the ‘Wild’n cause I’m young’ chorus I said, ‘That’s crazy, let me sample it.’ When we recorded it, we didn’t use a booth; we just recorded right in the room on an M57. That’s the mic you use live, like an open microphone—he was recording in the booth, but he said it sounded too clean given that the beat was so unorthodox and fucked up. Cudi recorded it the same way Kanye did ‘So Appalled.’ He had it for a while, but only had the hook to the song. We made the beat in Hawaii, but we recorded it in L.A. a few months later. That’s when they all wanted that beat. Pusha T wanted it, Kanye wanted it, and Cudi wouldn’t give it up. [Laughs].

“I like that second verse a lot, but I think all of his records are extremely open. He says shit that no other rapper would confess to so I think that verse, if you know Cudi, that was definitely his life. Going to 1Oak every Tuesday since Tuesdays were poppin’ there, and then hitting Cozy Soup ’n’ Burger at 4 a.m. One night at Oak, I think he might have performed, but there had been a lot of those instances where I throw or dump ice on people, that’s how that line I’m mentioned in came about. The whole vibe of that record was to sound like you were fucked up, like you were high or drunk, and I think we achieved that. [Laughs.] Emile did the outro with the vocals going backwards.”