Produced by: Emile
Emile: “That was just another 9th inning record that’s more of an interlude. We were doing this DVD with Jason Goldwatch and he was stressing me to send him music to help him score the DVD, and that was a piece that I just made to go along with a certain scene in the DVD where Cudi is in front of this huge crowd of kids. Coincidentally, that same night I was in the studio with Cudi and played him that score and he was just like, ‘Man, that shit is mad fresh. Hold on let me just load it into Pro Tools and do something.’ It was super-spur of the moment. We actually did it old-school, with the cheap-ass $60 microphone plugged into the middle of the room and the speakers blasting. He was sitting on the couch smoking a blunt and just did it in one take. It turned out to be this dope little chant type of thing. It’s a little bit more than an interlude, but it's not quite a full song. It just had a really dope energy, so he wanted it on the album.”