Produced by: Dot Da Genius
Dot Da Genius: “This is kind of crazy to me because before we made the song Cudi thought he had everything for his album, that it was a done deal and it was wrapped up. So one day I was at his crib chillin', and we kept talkin about the old days— in 2005/06 up until 2008 we were in my basement using my home studio and my home crib studio we built. I was just like, ‘Yo, we need to get a studio in [your house].’ That’s something that he never thought about doing, but he knew that I had experience putting studios together so we went for it. We went out and bought a whole bunch of studio equipment that day. I put it together and put the desk together. After we set up, I brought over some production stuff and we started working on a song. ‘Trapped in My Mind’ was the first song we worked on and like always he came up with the melody real fast. He came up with lyrics, and I have that all on camera. It took like an hour for the song to be really solid and to know where it was going and the production was pretty much done. So, once we were working on it, it wasn’t even a thought for that to be on the album. I thought we was just working on joints for the next joint, and he was like, ‘No, this gotta go on the album’ and he set it in stone. He made the calls. After that, we just took it to another level. We worked on it over a span of two days like at his crib. Recorded the vocals at his house like real renegade and it just came together. It’s one of those songs that has that vibe.”