Produced by: Emile
Emile: “This is probably my favorite song on the album. A lot of times me and Cudi kinda cook up something from scratch, as we do on most of these records. This one I actually made the beat and it’s definitely following that blueprint of ‘Mr. Rager’ and that kind of sound with the distorted drums, creepy synths, and pianos. This one I had the beat not fully done but almost done; I sent it to him and called it ‘Monsters,’ because of the creepy screaming in the background. I was always trying to push him to do this one and he was always kinda like, ‘Eh.’ Months went on and one day he was like, ‘Yeah, I had this chorus for it, but I dunno if I really fuck with it.’ He sang the chorus, which is exactly the same as what you hear on the record now. We were on a flight and he sang that chorus and I was like, ‘Dude, that’s dope as fuck. Lets do that.’ He was still like, ‘ehhhh’. He'd play the beat in his headphones over and over, and I remember him saying, ‘You know what? I want to get Mary [J. Blige] to do that chorus, she’d kill it,’ and I was like, ‘Hell yeah, she would.’ I think he might have even written it for Mary, but this was a long time ago and I was like, ‘what are the chances we’re gonna get Mary to get on the album?’ So finally he came in the studio and cut the record and I loved it right off the bat. He definitely wanted Mary on the album, and this was the first song he wanted to get Mary on. When we got her in the studio, the song was done and he played it for her. Cudi was like, ‘You know, when I originally wrote this song I kind of envisioned you on the chorus,’ and she was like, ‘Man, I’ll jump on that right now.’ They kind of sang this duet together, which I just thought was incredible, and his post-chorus after the hook with him and Mary is just powerful. It's one of my favorite moments on the album. It really is a song that captures him, and the year that he’s had and some of the darker places that he’s been in. It's just a scary record which I love. I had in my mind that third verse bridge thing with the beat breaking down and the giant string buildup, and I was really happy the way it came together. It's exactly what I heard, and Larry just killed the strings as always.”

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