Produced by: Emile
Emile: “We did that in Hawaii. I was actually in a bookstore and I heard the sample come on and I was like, ‘Man, that shit is so fresh.’ I wanted to ask the guy the name of the band. It turned out it was a relatively new band from Denmark called The Choir Of Young Believers. I don’t sample too much stuff anymore, but I always had that ‘to sample’ folder and it's just one of them joints where I was listening to it loud as shit because I’m half deaf, and Cudi heard it through the headphones and he was like, ‘Yo, what is that?’ I hooking it up on my laptop which I never do—I use keyboards—and he put the headphones on and was like, ‘Let’s go with that.’ He nailed it in like an hour. It's just like a really dope, straight hip-hop joint. I really like his raps on that one too. I love that second verse. The way he spit it just sounded really fresh, and kind of calm.”