Produced by: Emile
Emile: “I think ‘Ghost!’ could be—and I could be wrong about this—but it could be the first step towards the next material we’re gonna hear from Cudi. We were actually in the studio just listening to trippy psych records from the late ’60s, early ’70s, and that sample came up and he was like, ‘Yo, that’s ill right there, let’s do it.’ So we made this record that kind of emulated the sample and I hooked it up quick on the MPC. It was just some drums and some dirty guitars that Ken Lewis played. Ken Lewis is an ill musician who's been doing his thing behind the scenes for a very long time now, and he's incredible at capturing a tone. He nailed it, and Cudi really loved the beat. It’s a lot more aggressive and harsh than records like ‘All Along’ or ‘Solo Dolo’ or ‘Heaven At Night,’ which all have that classic Cudi harmony. This is more of a new tone for him. It’s a harsher feel, and I think it’s a good beginning for his new sound.”