Produced by: Jim Jonsin
Jim Jonsin: “I actually ran into [Cudi] at The London Hotel and he said, ‘Yo we gotta get together.’ We didn’t have time to kick it then—he was in and out of there. Early 2010, though, it happened at Midnight Blues studios in Miami. I actually did the track the day before the session. I made a couple of tracks for him in the session, then we started going through my catalogue. I played the track I’d already made for him; he loved it, and he startedwriting to it. It’s this rocked-out, kind of mixed hip-hop groove.

“I didn’t know what to expect from him. It was pretty clear that he was all over the spectrum. He was into house, rock, and he was definitely into hip-hop. When he heard that track he immediately was like, ‘I love that. I wanna do that.’ I think he wrote that in 30 minutes or so. [We did it in] one day.

“I didn’t even know Kanye had cut a verse to ‘Erase Me.’ I’d done a record sampling Duran Duran. I played it for my manager and he said, ‘Dude, Cudi would love this.’ So he sent it out to Cudi and calls me back saying, ‘Cudi just cut a record with Kanye and I think it’s the Duran Duran record.’ So I went on an interview saying I heard Cudi just did a record with Kanye over this Duran Duran sample. I heard that he had done one of the songs, so I assumed it was the new one ’cause I heard that Cudi finished ‘Erase Me,’ and it was already done.

“I knew it was gonna be a smash. But I didn’t know if it was gonna be a single or not ’cause I thought they were looking for something else. But it ended up being the single anyway. I bet Pat a hundred bucks [that it would be a single]. Pat owes me a hundred bucks, man.”