Produced by: Emile
Emile: “I think this was just one of those ‘me and Cudi in my studio’ songs; I was messing around with some keys and then I came up with those drums and he really loved the record. The Mary J. Blige feature is interesting, because we actually had her coming in to do a different song—she ended up recording three songs with Cudi and this was the last one. I think she just jumped on it because she loved it. The song was done and she just really felt what Cudi was saying and I think she was moved by the record. Mary was like, ‘Could I do something on that?’ and Cudi was like, ‘Hell fucking yeah you can!’ She kicked it all night in the studio; it wasn't a situation where she laid her vocals and then just left as fast as she could. She was really enthusiastic about the music and loved the song so much. I don’t think he asked her to get on anything, and she just volunteered, which we were more than happy about.”