Produced by: Chuck Inglish
Chuck Inglish: “Me and Cudi been homeboys for a minute. We did a couple of records for Man On The Moon, but it was a sample from Dawn Of The Dead we couldn't clear in time for it to make the first one. We were sending each other music through AIM. I had mixed [the beat] ’cause it would've been a Cool Kids record, but when he sent it back it blew my face off. It was October exactly of last year because I remember it was me sitting there in the day and experimenting with different breaks. It sounded like I was at a beach resort and the waves were smackin’ me in the ears. Me and Cudi didn't have a chance to work in the studio together, but he completely freestyled the whole jam, punchlines, all of that. He told me, ‘I felt it.’ It was more like he felt what he was gonna say before. So I wouldn't say it was freestyling cause a lot of things he said had some sort of point to it.

“Actually, we had two songs on the album. The last song, called ‘Everybody's Letting Go,’ didn't make the final cut, but it was gonna be the last song. Then Mary J. Blige re-recorded it and it sounded real different. I don't know what it's gonna be used for now, but I remember he came into [Chicago] back in March and I went by to kick it with him. We were kickin’ it, watchin’ Black Dynamite, and I was just letting him listen to beats on my iPhone. That beat just stuck out to him, and he picked that one. It might be for a future project.”