Produced by: Durpey
Curren$y: “I did this in New Orleans and it’s about my weed jar. There is a version with Killa Kyleon. I was waiting on his verse—he recorded it in Houston—and by the time I got it, it was already press and print time so you know how that go. I’ma still put it out, though.

“[Wikipedia says Wiz Khalifia is on the album but] Wiz isn’t on the album. Wiz is my homie but when I was working on Pilot Talk, we had issues with clearance, so this time I didn’t know? It’s not on my homie, but you know how I feel about independence. My dude was in a situation where the right thing to do would be to get clearances and paperwork for verses. I’m hustlin’, man, and everybody who I fuck with wasn’t trippin’. No harm, no foul. That’s my brother, but I didn’t have time to wait on the powers that be to say it’s OK for me and my dog to get down.”